What Type Are You?

Are you a coin hoarder, accumulator or collector?

As a collector for over 50 years I am always fascinated by the large numbers of people I encounter who also have coins or numismatic items. Some have them saved in a jar or can; others have them in a sock drawer, closet or jewelry box; a few still have their blue coin folders from when they were kids; and still others have their coins in a bank safe deposit box.

Do you save the “Drummer Boy” or State or National Park quarters, Lincoln cents or Two Dollar Bills but don’t know why or what to do next? Do you want to be a coin collector, organized and knowledgeable about the hobby?  I can help you!

Meet with me to become a collector almost over night. Young or young at heart, individual or family, I can guide you through the learning process and help you truly appreciate the King of Hobbies – Coin Collecting!

John Gibson


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