“John is a superb resource on both stamps and coins. He has the highest ethical standards and has a great set of connections to sell both coins and stamps and get a good price. His commission structure is well-below the best I have found elsewhere. I was absolutely delighted to find John to work with to help me sell a coin collection I had been carrying around for years. I knew that they had some value but finding someone who really knew the business and who was totally ethical and fair was a daunting task.

He truly has passion for the work and an appreciation for the coins and stamps he works with. In my experience that is the best kind of person to work with in any field. I can’t say enough good things about him. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner.”

Robert S. Fountain Hills


“I found John Gibson through a mutual friend and learned he was a coin appraiser and broker. After a meeting I hired him to sell my uncle’s collection. The proceeds would be split between four relatives. He understood the nature of the estate settlement and we proceeded. He was well-organized, educated me about what I have and how the coin market works, and was very transparent every step of the way which increased my comfort level. I highly recommend John if you have coins or other collectibles to appraise or liquidate.”

Ashley S. Fountain Hills


“When I needed an expert to review and analyze our family’s collection of coins, John provided top notch services. He came to the house and pored over every coin, examining each one thoroughly, double checking information in his reference books when needed. He provided me with an estimate of each coin’s condition and current value. Since I had decided to sell the collection, he then helped me find a local buyer.

I admire John for his thoroughness, courtesy, professionalism, attention to detail, and deep knowledge of numismatics. I recommend him highly to anyone who wants an unbiased assessment of his or her collection.”

Linda V.  Scottsdale, Arizona


“John Gibson is ‘the coin guy.’ I had a small collection of coins which was essentially a zip-lock baggie filled with money I had saved or had been given to me. They were in no particular order, by denomination nor date, but rather just a bagful of coins and currency.

I knew there were some coins of value but knew not the first thing about having them appraised. John graciously accepted my request to look them over and give me an idea of their worth. He sorted the money and provided me a written appraisal.

I know John to be honest and reliable, but I also know he is expert in his ability to determine the value of coins and currency. I know he has studied the market, collected and certainly has the knowledge to provide a solid appraisal. If I ever have the opportunity to use his services again, I will do it. And I will always be happy to refer those seeking such services to contact him. John knows his business.”

Linda M. Phoenix, Arizona


“I have used the services offered by John Gibson twice in selling coin collections. John has vast experience in the coin market. He expedited both sales with accuracy, competence and was a pleasure to work with. I will use John again in the future.”

Allen S. Fountain Hills, Arizona


“As an attorney, I assist clients in evaluating their estate and putting together a plan to ensure an easy transfer of their assets to their loved ones. I have recommended John to clients who have needed an accurate valuation of their coin collection, and to assist in fairly dividing it between beneficiaries. John is prompt, thorough, and trustworthy and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an appraisal of their coin collection.”

Tait D. Elkie, Attorney

Fountain Hills Law Firm


I learned about John’s coin appraisal business from co-workers and from seeing his ads in the local newspaper. I needed help to settle my dad’s estate for my siblings and I specifically regarding a large coin collection. After setting an appointment with John, he came by, we hired him and he immediately got to work. He educated us on the coins in the collection and the best way to disperse them. Because it was a large collection, it took several visits for him to get through everything eventually selling it all to his network of buyers. We found John to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He had a good understanding of how the estate settlement process works. Overall it was a very smooth transaction and I highly recommend John.

Pam E.

Fountain Hills